One week before hair transplantation, blood thinners such as aspirin, coraspin, alcohol, vitamin E should be avoided. Smoking should be minimized. It is necessary to have a good breakfast on the day of hair transplantation.

Although hair transplantation differs according to the number of grafts to be transplanted, it is a procedure that takes 4-8 hours on average. In this process, planting is not done without stopping. Breaks are given to meet the patient's special needs. The patient can watch TV, listen to music, magazine etc. during the procedure. can read.

Hair transplantation is a procedure that must be performed under local anesthesia, which must be done in the hospital. The patient only feels the procedure while anesthesia is being applied. He will not feel any pain after the numbness occurs. FUE and DHI (pencil) hair transplantation is a painless and non-bleeding method compared to other hair transplantation techniques.

In some clinics where hair transplantation is performed or it is claimed that laser grafts are used in the opening of the channels where the grafts will be placed. However, the laser beam burns and damages the vessels in the region. It prevents the blood supply that the transplanted grafts need to adapt and survive. For this reason, the results of laser hair transplantation will not be as expected. In addition, as a result of laser treatment, the healing process of the skin and crusts will be longer.

It is possible to tighten it by planting in the hairy area. Especially with the DHI technique, zero loss is given in the planting process. Transplanting without damage is related to both the experience and skill of the hair transplant team and the quality of the canal needles used when opening the hair canals. In this case, the hair grows back and grows after a while.

This situation differs according to the physiological structure of the patient. Even if there is spillage, there is no cause for concern. The first hair will start to grow on average 3 months after the transplantation. In the 6th month, 80% of the transplanted hair is expected to have grown. Hair grows about 1 cm per month. In the first year after hair transplantation, all of the transplanted hair will have grown.

Hair follicles are transplanted as tissue pieces called grafts. There are three techniques in living hair follicle transplantation. The first technique is FUT (Follicular Unit Transpanlantation). The second technique is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). The third technique is DHI (Direct Hair Implant). Today, FUT and DHI techniques are used. The aim is to transplant more hair follicles in one session.

There are other methods besides hair transplantation. However, hair transplantation is a natural-looking and permanent method that gives the healthiest and most effective results among methods such as wigs and prostheses used to get rid of baldness.

Depending on the size of the transplanted area, the patient's hair loss rate and the adequacy of the donor area, it can be performed in a few sessions.